How To Use VidIQ AI Coach: Make Engaging Videos

In today’s digital world, YouTube has become a powerful platform for content creators who want to engage with audiences around the world. However, with millions of videos competing for viewers’ attention, standing out from the crowd and achieving success on YouTube can be a Sisyphean task. But don’t worry because VidIQ AI Coach might help you. In this article, we’ll talk about a new AI tool created by VidIQ to help creators with data-driven insights and personalized recommendations to improve their content strategy, engage more viewers, and most importantly get more YouTube subscribers.


What Is Ai Coach

In the digital age, AI tool data is very important. VidIQ AI Coach uses the power of AI to help creators improve their YouTube channels and get better results. By analyzing lots of metrics, including video performance, audience engagement, and actual trends, VidIQ AI Coach gives you personalized recommendations to help optimize your content strategy and see visible channel growth. From keyword optimization to audience retention tactics, VidIQ’s AI Coach saves you a lot of time in the content creation process and boosts your results as a YouTuber.

How To Get Started?

Getting started with VidIQ AI Coach is easy. You can start by logging in on the VidIQ page.

Then, sign up with your Google account or email address. Choose the better option for you.

It will take you to the plan selection window. Here you can choose which plan is the best option for you. I think the pro version is more than enough when you’re just starting your YouTube channel. It’s also the best value. But if you don’t want to pay at the beginning, you can continue for free.

Once logged in, the VidIQ AI Coach dashboard will greet you. Now you can ask Ai some questions.

As you can see I asked the coach to give me 10 video ideas from the gaming niche.

Ai came up with some creative ideas you can use in your videos. Moreover, the titles we receive are immediately optimized for SEO, which means your videos will be shown to a larger audience. Now, you should take some time to look around and familiarize yourself with the interface.

Features Of VidIQ AI Coach

VidIQ’s AI Tool has a large amount of features designed to help creators optimize their content strategy and improve channel growth. From AI-driven data to keyword research tools, content analysis features, and competition analysis reports, VidIQ AI Coach provides creators with the tools they need to grow their YouTube channels. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the key features:

AI-Driven Insights

Here you can find some personalized recommendations for improving your content. Whether it’s optimizing your video titles, descriptions, or tags, VidIQ AI Coach offers useful advice to boost your videos’ visibility and reach.

Content Analysis

Gain necessary insights into your YouTube content’s performance with VidIQ AI Coach’s content analysis feature. Find out which types of videos are the best for your audience and improve your strategy to get better viewer engagement and retention.

Keyword Research

Use the power of VidIQ AI Coach’s keyword research tool to identify high-search volume keywords and optimize your content for better discoverability. By targeting the right keywords, you can interest a larger audience and increase your videos’ visibility in YouTube search results.

Competition Analysis

Stay ahead of the competition with VidIQ AI Coach’s competition analysis feature. Gain real-time data into your competitors’ strategies, check out your performance, and find new opportunities for growing your channel.

Important Recommendations

Use VidIQ AI Coach’s personalized recommendations and implement data-driven strategies that help your channel grow. Whether it’s creating your content strategy, optimizing your upload schedule, or engaging with your audience, VidIQ AI Coach has the features you need to save time creating content for your YouTube channel.

Start With VidIQ Today

When you know how powerful VidIQ AI Coach might be, it’s time to start your journey. Begin by checking out what are the areas of improvement in your content strategy, such as keyword optimization, audience engagement, or content creation process. Then, use VidIQ AI Coach’s recommendations and let data-driven strategies drive growth and audience engagement to your channel. You can now sign up for VidIQ to take your YouTube channel to the next level. Also, check out The Installation Guide for instructions on getting it.


In conclusion, VidIQ AI Coach is a very useful tool for YouTube creators helping them unlock their channel’s full potential. By using the power of artificial intelligence, VidIQ AI Coach offers personalized tips and recommendations to optimize your content strategy, get better engagement, grow your channel, and start making money with it. With its easy-to-use interface and huge set of features, VidIQ AI Coach is a great tool for any YouTube creator looking to grow their YouTube channel and get better results.

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